Day 531 – Thankful for Tracking My Food Intake

Today’s isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to be thankful for ever, but I’m very thankful for it regardless.

About a month or so ago when I got on the scale I really didn’t like the number that I saw. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t like the way some of me was looking. Instead of getting angry, disappointed or frustrated I decided to take action and get back on track. I am confident that I will be successful in getting back down to the goal i have set for myself, partially because I have a secret weapon… my food diary.

When I’ve dropped weight in the past it’s one tool more than almost any other that’s kept me on track. If I know I’m writing down EVERYTHING I’m eat during the day I make very different choices than when I’m not tracking it. It helps stop me from overeating and forces me to pay attention to how unhealthy certain foods are. If I’m especially hungry this tool helps me see how much extra exercise I need to earn the snackage I’m in the mood for.

This one little step has already helped me drop a solid number and I’m only two weeks in! How can I not be thankful for this awesome tool?


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