This is starting to get crazy.  While I was in final pose for yoga tonight a little bead of sweat rolled into my ear and started to tickle like mad.  I almost laughed as I thought about yesterday’s blog about sensations of life and realized this was one of them.  For a moment I thought about how thankful I was for that sensation and for being able to fight back the laughter in the middle of a room full of quiet people!  There have been no less than a dozen moments today in which I just paused and thought about how thankful I was in that moment.  Trying to focus on only one seemed to not be right so I’m focusing on three instead as they were at the core of my happiness today.

Dominic out of the blue decided that he wanted to try Drama Club about a month or so ago.  Over the past couple of weeks he’s been crazy busy preparing for the play, “The Little Mermaid.”  This weekend they presented it Friday morning, Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon.  We had so much fun watching him last night do his backstage work.  In between each scene change he’d run out, move a rock or two, and be back out of the way.  While he was only on stage for a few moments it was easy to see how much fun he was having focusing on his task.  It was awesome!

Dominic, Bud, sorry dude, but we weren’t able to get any pictures 😥  Due to some licensing stuff the school wouldn’t allow us to take pictures during the event otherwise that would have been the key picture for today.  Watching you on stage is burned into my memory and heart and I’ll never forget it!

That kid never ceases to amaze me.  He’s always open to new ideas and experiences and just kind of goes his own way.  I am so thankful for his willingness to try new things as he figures out what he’s really passionate about, what he derives the most joy from, and what he’s encoded to do.  It makes me smile from ear to ear as he tries different things like this, he’s learning a ton and puts his all into each project, even in the rare instances he finds that it’s not his favorite.  I hope he keeps this open mindedness and optimism his whole life, I appreciate it and am motivated by it!

A few days ago my post from the year prior was focused on Becky’s winning of the 2017 Wife of the Year award.  She pretty much tied it up again for 2018 earlier this year, but today was just awesome.  Making lasagna is something that I’m always thankful for, so that one’s given.  We had a relaxing run to start our day and I always appreciate the time we spend enjoying nature, just like today when we paused a few times to watch the eagles (there were 15 eagles in two trees close together!).  While she made lasagna this afternoon she also cooked up all of my lunches and breakfasts for the week which saved me a ton of time.  Throw in the fact that she picked up Dominic so I could go to yoga and she was amazing!!!  I’m so thankful for her every single day, but today even more than most.


While Becky was making lasagna Gavin and I had some time up in our workshop.  At the Renaissance Festival this past summer I had promised to help him make a wooden sword or axe and today I followed through.  We ran to Menards, picked up a couple of four foot 1 x 12’s and started crafting.  Gavin decided that he wanted to go Minecraft themed so we made a Minecraft sword and pickaxe.  These were our prototypes and based on how they turned out we’re thinking we’re ready to make them for reals now.  One of the parts I enjoyed most were all of the memories of learning to use tools with my dad and the memories of the fun things my Grandpa Lamping would make out of similar lumber.  The other part I really enjoyed was watching Gavin learn how to take a blank piece of wood and turn it into something.  We had a blast making these and we’ll be doing more of this next weekend with Dominic too!


All in all it’s been an amazing weekend, one in which I’m left awestruck by the number of things that I’m thankful for.  What a miracle it is to be alive, and I am so grateful for each moment I have.


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