Day 529 – Thankful for Sensations of Being Alive

This is the day that the lord has made, so let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Does there really need to be much said beyond that? No, but I will anyways. 😁

Today has been seriously awesome, pretty much all the way through. As I look back on it even the fifteen minutes in which I went to battle with my printer and swore at it several times as it won the first few rounds now are the source of a smile. I got so pissed off for no good reason, and, as luck would have it, The Big Guy Upstairs went out of His way to prove how ridiculous I was acted in those moments.

My day has been spent with much of my Express family and we had a lot of fun together while celebrating each other and our associates. I’ve had some time with Becky and Gavin. Now we’re at Dominic’s play and watching his first ever stage appearance (just a hunch, but I’m guessing you’ll all learn more about that in the next day or two). I’ve had some quiet time to myself. I was on the phone with my mom and got an excellent text from my little brother. It’s been an awesomely full day.

While in church tonight I had time to pause, close my eyes for a moment and just breathe. When I did that I realized how thankful I am for something that is truly at the core of all of the awesomeness today, or better explained, a sensation of that core…

With my eyes closed I drew in a deep breath and appreciated how good it felt in my lungs. Exhale, inhale, exhale… the sensation was amazing! I could feel the warmth emanating from my heart and then pulsing through my body. The sensation of my heart beating sent warm waves through my body that I could feel in my chest, finger tips, toes and lips… and it felt awesome! While just breathing I took time to appreciate the feeling of being alive and I’m so thankful I did.

Do me a favor today if you don’t mind. Stop reading this right now (don’t worry, this blog will still be right here!), close your eyes, focus on your breath and feel the magic of being alive. Focus on your breath, enjoy the feel of the air pulling through your nostrils and expanding in your lungs. Then feel the beating of your heart and the pulsing of blood throughout your body. What a miracle it is to be alive!

As I think about all of the little moments that brought me joy today, from jokes that made me smile to the pride of watching Dominic work backstage to the sensation of eating a dang near perfect potato chip, each of those moments was a little celebration of being alive, a sensation that reminds me I’m alive. Today I’m thankful for all of those sensations of love that cause me to pause and give thanks for the wonderful gift of life I’ve been give.


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