Gavin and I made a quick run to Madison today to see his Kiwis vs Robots on display at the state capital.  It was pretty awesome to see his creation hanging up right in the middle of the Rotunda!  He even had his own fan club meet us there 🙂


We wandered throughout just about every open inch of the building while we waited for the presentation to start.  This included trying (unsuccessfully) at getting out to the viewing area outside, rubbing the brass badger’s nose for good luck, peaking into the hearing room and WI Supreme Court, and even letting Gavin briefly take over as Supreme Overlord of Wisconsin…

This reminds me of the time he and I had our picture taken with Nixon’s statue in Rapid City…

Today was one of those days that I hope he will remember as long as I do.  Having a few hours just to the two of us was pretty awesome and we made the most of it.  Moments like this are amongst the most precious times of my life and I appreciate them more than words can even being to explain.



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