Day 523 – Thankful for Using My Workshop for Pinewood Derby Creation

Yesterday I was cleaning my workshop.  The process of insulating it created quite the disaster area.  I had a deadline of 1pm today to have it all cleaned out, prepped and ready.

Shortly after one o’clock there was a pretty steady stream of Cub Scouts and parents coming upstairs to my workshop to work on their Pinewood Derby cars.  At one point I think we even had over a dozen of us upstairs at once!


It was pretty awesome, everyone working on their cars, making crazy new car designs, and learning how to use new tools.  There were no injuries or mishaps, but there were many smiles.

My workshop is a place I go to relax, have some quiet time, and chill.  It’s my “man cave,” the place I go when I want to chill and decompress by making something.  Usually it’s all about me having time alone, sometimes just the boys and I.  Today it was used for something totally different and rewarding in a very different way.  I’m thankful for using it in a slightly different way today, I can’t wait to do things like this more often!  At some point in the next few months I’d like to have a couple more times like this as I have some of the boys’ friends who’d like to make puzzle boxes and a couple of friends who’d like to make gaming boxes.  Who knows, days like this may even help me keep it more clean…  Ahh…  who am I kidding? 🙂


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