Day 524 – Thankful for Spontaneous Snow Shoveling In Shorts and a Hysterical Email

So much for one thing today, I’m breaking my own rule and going for the daily double!

After a peaceful family dinner Becky had to run to work for a little bit. Because of the crazy amount of snow we got she asked if I’d drive her the half mile to her office. I looked for my boots and then remembered that I’d left them in the trunk of my car. No big deal, I figured I’d just head out and get them quick.

I headed outside in a pair of sneakers, a sweatshirt, gloves and a pair of shorts. When I got in the garage I thought it’d be nice to shovel the steps and a trail from the house to the garage for Becky. After throwing the first few shovel loads I realized that it wasn’t really too cold out and I just kept shoveling. It wasn’t too long before both of my boys came outside to join me (they were bundled up).

Next thing I knew we’d finish shed the entire driveway! It just felt great to get some fresh air and get the heart rate up a little bit. There was something else that made it feel even better… me doing it with shorts on was kind of my way of telling Mother Nature to… Anyways, it felt awesome and I’m grateful for the spontaneous snow shoveling in shorts today!

And this was only 30 minutes after we’d finished shoveling!

I’m also thankful for a hysterical email I recently received. For an upcoming team training I ordered books straight from the author. With a deadline to get the books out to my teammates I had asked her to let me know when I could expect them. What follows was her email response letting me know they were sent:

How awesome is that??? My boys were cracking up tonight over the comment about stopping for beers. All day long that line has been jumping into my head and has added many smiles to my day. That email has been an awesome reminder to be playful and have fun. I’m so thankful for this email, it’s one that I’ll save forever!


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