Day 503 – Thankful for Open Air Living Rooms

So I’m pretty sure what I’m thankful for today is a little tough to pull off back home… I’ve already got some ideas to pull it off, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need a lot of cash and a complete disregard for the environment.

The place we’re staying is AMAZING!!! The villa we’re staying in is a two family unit with a shared living room in the middle. One of the best things about it is the fact that it’s all wide open! There’s no door, window, or exterior wall in the front, just a set of stairs leading into a deck and then into the living room. It feels so awesome to be outside, but still under a roof. If La Crosse’s climate was ever to change this would be the first thing we’re changing on our house.

There are no bugs coming in, and only the occasional gecko chirping from the ceiling. The cool breeze is blowing in as we chill on the couch (me blogging and Becky reading a scientific journal). We ate supper on the couch and just enjoyed the sounds of the waterfall and the frogs from the living room.

At some point in life when we’re living somewhere awesome for a few months each winter this is definitely one of the things we’ll be looking for in our rental home! The time we’re spending here reminds me so much of our time on the ocean in Hawaii when we chilled on the deck. So peaceful and relaxing, I’m going to soak up every possible moment!


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