Day 502 – Thankful for What If?, the Belize Edition

Today’s blog post might inspire future posts along the same vein so I’ve decided to name it appropriately. What if? What a great question right? It provides the opportunity to totally suspend reality for a moment and think about something in a completely different way than normal. Living in a continual state of “what if?” probably isn’t healthy, but sometimes, in small doses, it can provide some interesting insight.

As we drove to the place we’ll spend our next few days we had the opportunity to really see Belize, not just the tourist areas, but the actual areas in which people love, the true 95+%. It was very eye opening in in several ways. The natural beauty was awesome and changed several times as we made our three plus hour drive. What really struck me though were the homes and villages we drove through.

The homes were very small and modest. In some cases when the doors were open they appeared to have only two or three rooms. There was no glass for windows, only the wooden shutters that were almost all open. The homes were very small and there wasn’t much of anything inside. It looked like they were never locked nor were they ever fully closed. I only saw two pairs of headphones and one iPhone as we made our way up the mountain. It was then I realized or started to imagine just how simple they live here… and it got me thinking…

What if I lived here? What if I fell off the grid like this? What if I took a job as a farmer and lived in one of these houses with my family? What would be different? What would be the same? What benefits would there be and what would the drawbacks be?

These questions got my mind racing and I kept thinking about what if’s…

As I considered the question “what if” it got me thinking about how much more simply I could be living. It got me thinking about how much less stuff I really need in my life to be happy. It got me thinking about ways to be more joyful. While of course I’d never want to trade places, it helped me think about ways to be more happy and joyful in the life I have.

As we drove I had a earphone in my ear, listened to a great music and was dreaming about ways to be more joyful in my everyday life and it felt great! Today I’m grateful for playing the “What If” game with myself, it led me to some pretty cool thoughts and many smiles.


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