Day 492 – Thankful for Sympathy Card from an Unexpected Friend

When I got to the Rice Lake office this morning Nicole had a card fro me from her youngest son, Bret.  She was talking with him last night about how my aunt had passed away as she explained why I had to re-schedule our development meeting.  He immediately insisted that she drive him to the store so he could get me a sympathy card.

As I opened it this is what I got:


How cool is that???  My new 9 year old buddy wanted to help put a smile on my face and he was successful.  There’s nothing quite like getting a card from someone out of the blue to put a smile on my face!

Bret, thanks for making my day dude!  I greatly appreciated you thinking about me and taking the time to get me a card.  Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face today dude, you’re awesome!!!




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