Day 491 – Thankful for Snuggling with My Best-est Buddy at the Coffee Shop

Not going to lie, today has been amazing.  Seemingly at every turn I had another moment in which I could’ve written my blog.  There were even huge moments like knocking another one off my dream list and being asked a tremendous honor.  In bits and pieces this is definitely a day I will remember the rest of my life.  So what am I thankful for today?  In case you missed it in the title, I’m thankful for snuggling with my best-est buddy in the coffee shop.


In trying to help Becky have time to work and study for her PhD I took Gavin with me when I dropped Dominic off at church tonight.  He and I were going to chill, have mugs of decaf and hot chocolate and relax – me with my laptop and Gavin with his book.  While it started off at a normal table Gavin quickly opted for the comfy chairs in the back corner.  Before too long he got up, smiled at me, and said ‘let’s snuggle on the couch!”  How could I refuse?

Next thing I knew I was typing one handed as he snuggled right into my left arm.  It was awesome!  There we sat, just chilling and snuggled up.


I know there aren’t too many more of these moments in the future, so I appreciate every single one of them.  There was much awesomeness today, but that snuggle with him meant the world to me and brought me a ton of joy.  Of all the awesomeness in my life the moments I appreciate most are these quiet moments of chilling and snuggling with my family.


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