Day 479 – Thankful for My Buddy Steve (Again)

There were so many ideas going through my head today for my blog.  Quite honestly, I haven’t done anything crazy, it’s been an entire day of chilling outside with the sound of the ocean rolling in, wave after beautiful wave.  Even with the peace and simplicity of the day my heart has been overwhelmed.  I got a run in with Becky this morning and had many wonderful moments with her.  I’ve had great times shooting the bull with our friends Jeremy & Katie.  I’ve had a fun beer run with my sister from another mister, Kathy.  In between all of that I’ve had time to work on my book about Dad and have had many wonderful thoughts and memories of him running through my head.  A little bit of work and a little bit of shooting the bull with my brother, FaceTime with the boys,  and it’s almost been complete (all I need is some time with my mom and it’s been about as full of a day as I could get!).


In amongst the drinking and shooting the shit today, one thing has continued to make me smile…  My friendship with my buddy Steve.  In life there seems to be a handful of people that we come across that balance out a handful of factors.  They’re not afraid to give you shit.  They’re open to calling bullshit on a slightly exaggerated story.  They’re not worried about calling you out when you’re being an ass.  An, most importantly, they just get you and where you’re coming from.

That’s my friend Steve in a nutshell.  When we shoot the shit about growing up we’re on the same page.  We give each other hell on a regular basis.  When Becky and I FaceTime the boys he’s open to giving them the “Grumpy Old Guy Advice of the Day.”  We share the same laughs and enjoy many similar things.


There’s another side to his friendship that also means the world to me.  When I talk with him I am constantly reminded of fun times we’ve had together, the fun we had with my dad while building the garage, the fun we’ve had on vacation, and the great times we had taking the boys on their hike.

Earlier today we had the opportunity to go chill by the side of the ocean.  As we both just stood there quietly and took in the sound of the waves crashing in, one after another, he made a comment the I’ve made in my own head many times.  “I’m not sure which I enjoy the most, the mountains or the ocean…” And it led to a conversation that I remember having with my parents way back when I was a kid.  It was one of those moments when I just chuckled to myself and felt like I could have been having the same conversation with my brother, my parents, or Becky,  I was with family.

While we may have not gotten to know each other until much later in our lives, we get each other.  If I ever need him for anything I know he’d be there to help, just as I would be for him.  Spending time with him reminds me that brotherhood isn’t limited by blood.  I am thankful for his friendship and truly appreciate knowing him.

Thanks for being awesome Steve!




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