Today is one of those day’s in which I’m thankful for the universe conspiring to help me reach my goals.

My initial thought before heading out on our vacation was to work on my book on the flight out, write some more while relaxing, and then type of up more while on the flight home.  The first two parts of the plan worked out great!  The third?

As we waited for our flight I started to have a moment of weakness.  I figured that maybe I’ll watch a movie instead and reasoned that I’d already worked hard on my book and it’d be okay to relax.  I argued with myself for a while and then started thinking about which movie to watch.

Once we got on the plane Becky quickly pointed out the lack of screens on the backs of the seats in front of us.  Holy crap!  Now what was I going to do?  After a short thought about going back to the plan of writing I moved on to Plan B…  Watching a movie on my iPhone using the jet’s wifi and streaming app.

Shortly after taking off we realized that there was a flaw in this new plan – the wifi wasn’t working!  Oh the humanity!!!  At first I got a little frustrated and then I just chuckled.  Okay Big Dude Upstairs, I get it, I get it.  Writing my book it is…

Before I knew it an hour had passed and I was in the flow of writing and it felt great!  Memories were rushing back and I was having new insights that I didn’t even have on my outline.  It was working out great!

At one point I paused and enjoyed the clouds.  It’s tough to see all of the layers in the picture, but there were four distinct layers of clouds that we were flying in.  I took time to appreciate their beauty while also thinking about the physics behind why they were all at different levels as opposed to one mass.


Later on the flight we were able to see a beautiful sunset that lasted for well over an hour.  There were oranges, reds, and dark grays that were dazzling.  While my attempts at taking pictures didn’t go well you can at least get a feel for what I am talking about below.


By the time we started our descent I’d finished up one chapter, had time to mentally prepare some notes for the next, and appreciate a couple of views that I may have missed had I been slacking off and watching a movie.  The feeling of completion and accomplishment I had still feels great, and I’m thankful for the moments of appreciating nature’s beauty from 35,000 feet.  Had nature not conspired to help me with broken wifi and lack of screens I’d feel like a bit of a slouch and I wouldn’t have experienced as much joy today.

Broken wifi usually sucks and makes me frustrated, but today it led to a pretty awesome conclusion.



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