Day 478 – Thankful for Fun Times with Great Friends on Vacation

Today has been a great day already and there’s still much of it to go.  Becky and I got in a run this morning and then Jeremy had breakfast cooked and ready for us (thanks for the omelet dude!).  After showering there was time to chill.  Even though I’m on vacation it felt wonderful to take some time to get some work done while enjoying some quiet.

The only things on the agenda today were a tour of the brewery and a tour of the distillery on this island.  Both tours were very interesting and there were some pretty awesome samples.  Somewhere in between the two we hit up a roadside grill for some excellent local food (it’s awesome soaking up as much jerk chicken and pork as I can while I’m here!).

On our way back we stopped at a grocery store and picked up some food for supper (and maybe a bottle of dark rum) and a few of us cooked supper and stayed in.  As a couple of us cooked we shot the bull and had a great time.  One of my favorite moments was talking about when Steve helped my dad and I build our garage, so many funny stories that had me laughing (and I know Dad was smiling).  We FaceTimed the boys and talked for a while and Gruncle Steve gave them his advice of the day.  It was awesome!


As I remove myself from the fun for a few minutes to reflect and blog I’m reminded of just how thankful I am for having such a fun time with great friends.  All of our lives get busy and we don’t get to spend nearly as much time together as we’d like.  Moments like this are so important for all of us to reconnect and have fun.  We’re able to share memories while making new ones, and it feels awesome!  The reason this week has been so memorable and fun isn’t what we’ve seen and done, it’s the people we’ve been doing it with.

Thank you to my friends for making this an incredible experience!



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