Day 477 – Thankful for Knocking Out #15 On My Dream List, Kayaking or Swimming in Bioluminescent Water

Ever since I learned that “bioluminescence” was a thing I wanted to either swim in it or at least paddle through it.  Just the thought that there is ocean water that lights up bright blue when you touch it due to the agitation of the single celled organisms living in it totally blew my mind!  Long story short, when the water moves it disturbs the organisms and they light up like fireflies.  In this case they are super tiny, less than 10% the size of a grain of sand, and they’re everywhere in the bay.

When we started paddling our paddles literally glowed in the water like some cray special effects in a movie and w left a trail of bright blue glowing water behind us that slowly dimmed.  Running our hands through the water caused the water around our hands to glow the same color – it was wild!!!  We could look in the water and see fish darting around below us as they left the same glowing blue in the water.  The only downside is that the glow doesn’t turn out well in pictures so I’m using one from the company’s website to help illustrate what I mean:


Photo from Cayman Kayaks

It was so spectacular that it’s hard to believe that I witnessed this phenomena.  All the ways I imagined it to be weren’t even close to how wild it was to see it in person.

Last night I knocked out #15 on my dream list, and it was AWESOME!!!  There are still so many dreams to go (I swear the more I accomplish the more I add to my list), it feels great to experience and complete another one!


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