Day 476 – Thankful for a Day of Total Chillaxin’

Today has been so awesome! No agenda, no structure, and no stress. It’s been a day of total chillaxin’!

Becky and I woke up when we were ready, no alarm clocks needed. We knocked out a nice run and had fun talking with each. Breakfast was ready shortly after getting out of the shower. From there I spent time sitting out and soaking in sun while reading the new Dan Brown book, one of the first fictions I’ve read in a while. After a while we went to the beach and soaked up sun and snorkeled. At one point someone needed to head back to our place so I had them drop me off along the way and I enjoyed a quiet lunch by myself. More snorkeling and reading followed. When we got back I hopped in the shower and this was my view:

A shower beer with the ocean in the distance… ahh… pure chillaxin’ bliss!

While there have been many things I am thankful for today (a vacation run with Becky, hanging with friends, seeing a stingray, and a great book) when I look at the day in its totality the overall theme is chillaxin’. Usually my time away from work is busy and a preplanned thrill ride, but today has been totally different… and it has felt glorious!!!



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