Day 442 – Thankful for My Favorite Comfy Sweatshirt

On a cold day like this is there anything more comfortable than a well broken in sweatshirt?  My favorite sweatshirt has been around for over a decade now.  I came across old pictures of it’s matching twin, Becky’s, from our vacation back in 2007.  Sometime before 2007 our friend Courtney gave us the two matching Wisconsin sweatshirts.

When I was on my run this morning…  Full disclosure, while I was walking for a little while, Becky was running ahead of me…  I realized just how warm I was even though it was cold and windy.  The biggest reason was that I had my favorite sweatshirt on the very top layer.  I smiled and then thought for a while about that sweatshirt, how many of my life’s experiences have been shared with it, and how much happiness it has brought me over the years. It’s kind of crazy, but I’m very thankful for this slowly fraying sweatshirt.

Daddy 125

As I go through old pictures it’s surprising to see just how many moments it has been around for…


On warmer winter days it’s all I need for a jacket…


Every time I put this sweatshirt on it comforts me and relaxes me. I associate it with all the things I do with my family, from traveling to running to working in my shop to snuggling on the couch with Becky and the boys. When I put this on it’s a sign to chill out, everything’s going to be okay. At the end of the night it reminds me that it’s time to wind down and chill.

While to the unknowing eye it may look like a slowly fraying sweatshirt, to me it’s a symbol of relaxation, time with family, comfort, and a reminder of many memories… and today I’m very thankful for it.



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