Day 441 – Thankful for Still Feeling the Rush of an Excellent Client Meeting Even After 18 Years

This afternoon I went on a client meeting with Carolyn in our Menomonie office.  The appointment was with a current client that is poised for a huge 2018.  We’d spent many hours preparing for this meeting as we were introducing several new staffing ideas to help them increase candidate flow, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and increase their profitability.

As the meeting rolled on it was AWESOME!!!  We talked about the strategies we were proposing and many more.  Each new portion of conversations led to another insight for the client and another discussion.  The talks went from solutions to trends to very outside the box solutions.  After almost two hours we were able to wrap everything back up into next steps and said our good byes.


Carolyn started to debrief on our way back to the car and I had to pause for a second.  “I’m so stoked, that was awesome!”  After taking a moment to take in the feeling, the rush of a successful meeting, we got back to business.

On the ride home I just kept smiling.  The appointment went fantastic, we lived our vision while meeting with that client.  Strategies were shared, plans were made, and it felt awesome.  We were a part of the solution, one that will benefit our client, our associates, and our team.  It felt awesome!



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