Day 443 – Thankful for Being Thankful Often Today

Today’s been a pretty jam packed day, but one in which I was pausing to be thankful for so many moments throughout it.  There were a couple of things I’d focus on individually, but when I when I think about it there’s too much that would be missed, too many relevant moments would be neglected.  With that being the case, here’s a rough list of many of the moments I was thankful for today:

  • Thankful for Becky’s resolve.  When I woke up and drug myself out of bed to get ready to go into work early she was already in the middle of a workout.  Her determination motivates me greatly.
  • Thankful for driving without any radio, audiobooks, or calls, just driving in silence.  With my goal met for books read this year I paused everything and enjoyed nothing but the present and my own thoughts while I drove to Eau Claire.  It was so peaceful and let to many interesting thoughts…
  • Thankful for spending a lot of time thinking about my dad and the lessons he’s taught me, even since he’s been gone.  My book is nearing the halfway point in one way, and is ready to expand in another.  As I took time to think more about it I’ve started peeling apart all of the lessons I’ve learned from losing him.  This will definitely be a key component as one of the biggest reasons for writing it is to pass my thoughts and feelings on to my sons.
  • Thankful for that awesome level of sunlight on a cloudy morning in winter time as the sun is coming up when almost everything except street signs and cars ahead of me appear to be black and white.  It’s like the whole world has been stripped of color except for a couple of small pieces which jump off the canvas.  It was beautiful this morning.
  • Thankful for meeting up with my friend, Harvey Homsey.  Harvey is the VP of Operations for Express and was in town to visit a couple of our offices to see how we were doing, help us find ways to improve, and to congratulate the teams for their improved performance.  I’ll follow up with the work related thankfulness in a moment, this is focused on the time with my friend.  While we covered a lot of business we also spent time talking family, values, faith, and being a dad.  I can’t even begin to put into words how happy my heart was today as we talked.  Harvey lost his father about 10 years ago and was very open to sharing his emotions and experience, I am so grateful for it.  As luck would have it we even got a little bonus time at the end of the day and I was thankful to have more time to talk.  While I’ve known him for many years I felt like I actually got to know him today, and I am so very thankful for that.
  • Thankful for the grit and growth mindset of my teams.  Over the past few months we’ve been focused on changing a couple of processes within our interview process. Change is usually difficult, but my teams took on the challenge and today was the cream on top!  As Harvey was able to spend time with the team he had so many positive things to say about their performance and it was so awesome to see their expressions when he said them.  I’m so proud of their growth mindset and grit, they are a special group!
  • Thankful for Becky taking care of Gavin.  During the day Becky let me know that she had to pick up Gavin because he wasn’t feeling well at school.  She also later told me that she had run to school earlier to drop off his violin.  I’m grateful for her saving the day!
  • Thankful for getting a weekend set up to meet with my friends.  Life gets busy and sometimes it’s tough to find a time for three of my best friends and I to get together at once.  Today we got a date on the calendar!
  • Thankful for talking with my mom on the phone.  It felt great to shoot the bull with my mom while I was driving home.  Quite honestly, there wasn’t any crazy deep dialog or anything, but it just felt great to hear her voice and spend time with her on the phone.  After a long day of work it was just what the doctor ordered and I’m glad we were able to talk.
  • Thankful for an eight minute detour.  Due to a slight change in plans I went home a slightly different way than normal.  With that being the case I quit listening to Siri’s directions and took a little detour…  right into Ellsworth, WI for some amazing cheese curds.  They were warm and squeaky, little bites of dairy perfection!IMG_3055
  • Thankful for Becky and the boys understanding that sometimes I have to work late.  This could be a weekly blog post if I said it every time that I felt it.  I am so thankful and fortunate to have a family that understands that sometimes my work schedule gets a little crazy.  Knowing that as long as i keep it in check to a certain point they’ll be there to support me is so helpful and keeps me motivated.
  • Thankful for being thankful.  As I type this I am smiling from ear to ear.  Spending time in thought thinking about all of the wonderful things in my day leaves me in a wonderful mood as I am about to go to bed.  I’m exhausted and have another early morning ahead of me, but I couldn’t be more full of joy.



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