Day 439 – Thankful for Seeing Old Friends and Meeting a New One & Father Matt’s Sister’s Dog

This afternoon we had the opportunity to meet Courtney and Shane’s son, two week old Henry.  He’s cute, adorable, and one awesome little guy!  It was great to spend time with him, Courtney & Shane.  We shot the bull, snuggled with the little guy, watched some of the Packer game and had an awesome time.

There’s something so cool about seeing the glow that new parents have after the birth of their child, it made me smile as a fellow parent.  It took me back to when the boys were that small, seemingly eons ago in one day and just yesterday in other ways.  Thinking about how much our boys have grown has me thankful for appreciating my time with the boys, they’ll be grown before I know it.



Prior to heading to Shane, Courtney, & Henry’s house we had a thought provoking sermon courtesy of Father Matt.  In it he discussed how we need to remember that everyone needs to be treated a little bit differently and we should take time to think about that prior to action.  To help share the story he talked about his sister’s dog.  As an rescue dog she’s seen hard times and needs to be treated differently than other dogs.  She’s still a loving dog, but she needs to be handled very differently.  As you can imagine, I could relate due to my experiences with our rescue dog, LuLu.

It was a wonderful reminder for me when communicating with others.  How is it best to share a message?  What is the best way to communicate both good and bad news?  Many times I default to my natural tendencies as opposed to pausing to think about who the message is intended for.  As I prepare for future conversations I’ll be sure to pause and remember this wonderful message.

Another awesome day is in the books, I’m so thankful for these two very different moments that really helped to shape my day and thoughts today.




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