Today included a lot of stuff that had to get done like grocery shopping, odds and ends around the house and so on. Some of the highlights were focused things related to Christmas, and those are the things I’m thankful for today (in addition to Becky being home, of course!).

We continued a family tradition we’ve had for at least half a dozen years – getting our Christmas tree from the Christmas Tree Farm in Mindoro. As a family we headed out and found our tree, everyone taking at least a few strokes of the saw to cut it. The whole experience always gets me in the Christmas spirit, especially with the smell of the pine in our car.

This evening we had our annual Express Christmas party. This was the 18th one I’ve attended and it was just as awesome as each of the previous! It’s always so much fun to be able to spend time with my Express family and their spouses and family. This is another one of the events that helps me turn the corner and start thinking of Christmas.

Thank you tonight to my family and my Express family for an awesome day that left this big bearded red head singing Christmas songs in his head. I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit thanks to this Christmas inspired day!



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