Day 418 – Thankful for an Awesome Start to Vacation

We’re not even close to half way through our first “day” of travel, but we’ve already had a ton of fun! Without Becky to supervise us it’s been a little more crazy in the airport than normal.

To pass time while waiting for our first flight we walked to the end of each gate for a picture. While wandering we may have, I️ can neither confirm nor deny, done pushups on the moving walkways, taken a completely unnecessary elevator ride specifically because the walls were all glass, and spent a lot of time walking the wrong way on the moving walkways. We laughed, goofed off, and burned a lot of time while enjoying almost the entire time.

boarded the jet the flight attendant asked if the boys wanted to meet the pilot. Next thing we knew the boys were in the cockpit with Gavin sitting in the pilot's seat… quite possibly the scariest sight ever on a flight!

ow we’re grabbing a bite to eat and chillin’ in the Frisco airport, talking sports and relaxing (maybe having a beer!).

The first day isn’t even half over and we’ve already had a ton of fun. I️ was initially crazy nervous about traveling with the boys and no Becky, but we’ve turned it into a special “Guys’ Trip” and are enjoying it.



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