Day 417 – Thankful for Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations

Over the past few months I’ve read Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is the Way. It’s a great read focused on the philosophy of stoicism. Over the course of the book there are many quotes from Marcus Aurelius’ book, Meditations. Seeing as I️ thoroughly enjoyed The Obstacle Is the Way why not read one of the books it references?

While driving today I️ finished it, and it was AWESOME!!! At times it was a little tough to read due to language, but it was nothing short of widely thought provoking.

There were a couple of quotes in particular that really hit me right between the eyes:

  • “Imagine that your life should have rightfully ended now, and therefore live the remainder, this gracious addition, according to nature.”

  • “Take care not to feel towards evil in human people as they fee towards their fellow man.”

Quite honestly, there was so much to soak in that I’m planning on buying a paper copy to work my way back through as well as listen to at least one more time. It was exactly what the doctor ordered for my drive time today!



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