Day 411 – Thankful for Quiet Time in My Oasis – My Workshop

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of preparation for being out on vacation in the not too distant future.  Once I’m back there’s going to be a lot to do in order to get caught back up even though I’m prepping in advance.  Travel is awesome, but the few days beforehand can feel rushed and chaotic.  All of the busy is welcomed and appreciated, and in a weird way feels really excellent!

Today I was able to pause the feeling and enjoy a different sensation…  spending some quiet time working in my workshop.  Becky took the boys to a scouting event so I could get caught up on my insulation project.  Unbeknownst to me the ringer of my phone was off and I never heard any texts or calls.  I had the Packer game blaring on the radio and it was just me working on the workshop.

There were no thoughts of travel, no consideration of anything work related.  I wasn’t mentally prepping for stuff with the boys, or coming up with crazy future plans.  I was present in the moment, working on ceiling and listening to the Packer game.  Nothing else mattered, nothing else existed, just the quiet calm of building something while the sounds of the radio kept my brain at ease.  Pure quiet would’ve led to thinking, talking with others would’ve distracted me.  The environment was perfect to get in the zone and just exist for a while, enjoying every moment, even laughing at myself when I screwed up.  It was quiet, peaceful and calming, just what I needed.


I’m already jumping back into preparation mode, packing for this and that, and getting my thoughts wrapped back around work, but it all feels much better and less stressful after having some quiet time in my personal oasis, my workshop.




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