Day 410 – Thankful for a Saturday at Home

The past few weekends have been pretty awesome, filled with great times with friends.  Many memories were made and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  The next several weekends are going to be spent on vacation, and I’m sure they will be pretty awesome.

Today was quite different, I was home with my family.  I got over nine hours of sleep, woke up well rested.  Before a run I was able to get many things packed for our trip and even put up some insulation in the garage.  Becky and I got a run in and it felt awesome!  After the run Dominic and I ran a couple of errands.  I then spent some time alone putting in more insulation.  After a while I had a couple of helpers in my workshop.  A little while later I only had one, and Dominic was a huge help.  He kept me company on our trip to Menards and then helped me put up the last of the insulation in the ceiling.  Dominic and I then made supper for the family and we all chilled for some down time watching a movie (we’re working our way through the Harry Potter series… again).


It was a relaxing day, a productive day, and a great day at home with family.  Nothing exceedingly epic, just an awesome normal day…  and I am very thankful for it!



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