Day 375 – Thankful for the Smell of Construction

There are some smells and sounds that trigger happy memories. As I spent time working on insulating my workshop today there was one smell that was constant, and I’m thankful for that smell… the smell of construction.

The smell of freshly cut wood reminds me of spending time with my dad on one of many different projects. I thought of him often as I worked today, and every time I walked back into the garage from the house that smell hit me and I thought of Dad.

It’s rough working on this project, the first big one since he passed away. He’s not a phone call away like before. He’s not answering carpentry questions for me. He’s not there to send pictures to and to brag to when I do something better than expected. He’s not here helping as he normally would. That said, as I smelled that new construction scent I knew he was there with me. And for that I’m thankful.



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