Day 376 – Thankful for Sweet, Sweaty, and Delicious Successes

Ahh…  The feeling of success…  and then more success…  Throw in a chaser of an exciting Packer victory and there’s nothing but an after taste of success!


Becky and I finished our half marathon this morning and we did way better than either of us expected.  It was pretty awesome to spend time running with Becky as we completed a goal we’d set together.  Not going to lie, it was kind of funny thinking back to our first half marathon when I was all bubbly and excited, helping to keep her going when she wasn’t feeling the strongest.  Here we were today in completely flipped roles.  She was bubbly, encouraging and cheering everyone on and I just wanted to find a ditch to die in!  She kept me going and we finished.  It was a sweet and sweaty success!


After cleaning up Becky headed up north to pick up Dominic, the Deer Slayer!  Dominic hunted in the Youth hunt with his Grandpa Ken and shot his first deer.  He was pretty pumped and excited, I’m so happy they had a successful hunt.  If you’d like to hear an awesome story be sure to ask him how he shot it.  I can guarantee he’ll be smiling the whole time.

While they were driving back to La Crosse Dominic called to let me know that I wasn’t supposed to pick anything up to grill for supper, we were going to grill up some of his venison steaks…  They were AWESOME!!!  Delicious success!

Life is always full of ups and downs, this was a day that ended with pretty much all ups.  Sweet and sweaty successes.  Delicious success.  Did I mention a Green & Gold success?


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