Day 374 – Thankful for Kickin’ It Old School with My Best-est Buddy

It all started this morning when I walked into Kwik Trip and heard an awesome ‘80’s tune. Colin Hay belted our “Who Can It Be Now?” as I grabbed a soda. Before I knew it I was singing it in my head while shopping. And the rest, as they say, is history.

After work it was just Gavin and I, Becky was taking Dominic up north to hunt with his grandpa this weekend. We decided on an old school dad feel kinda meal… Bacon ranch grilled cheese sandwiches. Dee-lish!!!

While driving to the grocery store we talked about “old school” video games including Donkey Kong. I shared my memories of watching Dad play Donkey Kong at Skyline way back when we were kids. I loved watching him play and I used to love playing that game. It was awesome to hear about Gavin’s interest in it.

As I cooked supper Gavin played with a couple of games. I blasted several Men At Work songs before diving into my ‘80’s Pandora station. Chilling and listening to the songs of 30 years ago felt pretty damn awesome.

To keep the old school feeling going we fired up Godzilla while eating supper… and not the new one. Now we’re chilling on the couch and enjoying the movie.

It feels pretty awesome to kick it old school with my best-eat buddy on a dreary night like this.



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