Day 356 – Thankful for My Running Partner & Beating the Voice in My Head

Our half marathon is only a few weeks away so this morning started with a nice eleven mile run. It’s funny, for all the running I’ve done in the past that was significantly longer, this training plan has been a struggle. Maybe it’s getting older, maybe it’s that I haven’t been on a set training plan for a while, or maybe it’s something else. Regardless, this run was a doozy!

That said, it was mission accomplished! Eleven miles in the books, ready for twelve next week.

There are two thing that I was very grateful for this morning on the run (besides surviving – LOL!)… my running partner and beating the voice in my head.

Becky is pretty awesome as a running partner. She not only helped to get me moving for our run, but she kept pushing me and helping me smile throughout. Without her help I’m not sure that I would’ve finished as strong as I did.

That little voice in my head was really trying to mess with me today. Constantly nagging me with all the reasons that I couldn’t finish the run and why I should quit. That voice gave me a run for my money this morning… and I beat it. I love proving that voice wrong! Without Becky helping me out I’m not sure that I would have beat it today, he put up some pretty convincing arguments!

The run is done, I’m stiff but feeling the sense of accomplishment. Thanks to Becky for being the best running partner ever! Hey Little Voice in My Head… kiss my butt. You lost again and you’ll lose again next week. 😜



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