Day 355 – Thankful for Working Alone (Almost) in My Workshop

As I’ve been working on insulating my workshop there’s been a lot of help and it’s been great.  Usually Becky of Dominic are up there helping me out, providing an extra set of hands, or working on a detailed project.  I’m super thankful for their help, it makes life a lot easier.

Today was a little different.  Everyone else was busy, so outside of about 15 minutes of perfectly timed help from Dominic, I was pretty much on my own.  Normally when I work alone I fire up some music, but today I worked the majority of the time in the quiet…  At least it was almost quiet…  There were a handful of times I caught myself talking with Dad as I was working.

It was funny, there were a couple of times that I made a comment to him as I was working when I either did something right or made a mistake.  When I had a question on how to do something I asked.  There was something that felt right about all of it, it was the way I would have been talking with him if was still around – in person, over the phone, or at least via text.

As I kept working I would occasionally hear hime give me advice, answers, or a hard time.  It would be in terms of advice on whether or not I had to make something perfect or not.  Once it was “dude, it’s a workshop…  It’s not supposed to be perfect.”  Shortly after it was followed up with a “really screwed the pooch on that one Bud, didn’t you?” on a spot that I rushed and did a shoddy job on.  After chuckling aloud I spent 15+ minutes fixing my mistake.  There were times when I asked him what he would have suggested, and sure enough, after a minute or two the right answer popped into my head.  It was pretty awesome.

There was one moment in particular that I felt closer to him than I have in a while.  As my head was imagining him telling me “good job dude” I swear I heard his voice in my head… “No, I would’ve said ‘Good job stud’ after you did great work like that.”  I paused, smiled, laughed, and went back to work.


The first wall is fully insulated, progress was made today.  That said, I’m most thankful to have had time working alone in my workshop today…  almost alone anyways…




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