Day 353 – Thankful for Taking Advice from My Blog on this Day Last Year

I can’t help but chuckle when my memory of last year’s blog pops up on Facebook and it seems eerily familiar to how I’m feeling that day.  After all these times I’m not sure if it’s just history repeating itself or if The Big Guy Upstairs just knows I’m a slow learner.  Either way, I’m thankful for how it works out sometimes…

With Becky gone I’ve been pretty task focused, moving from one thing to another for the boys.  I have a pretty aggressive task list at work this week too so I’ve been hammering away on that as well.  Throw in some of the personal goals I’ve set for myself this month and year and it’s been non-stop go, go, go.

Between last night and today I could tell I was getting a little overly worked up.  I decided to head out and run an errand over break and I shut off my audiobook and listened to some music.  One of my goals for the week was to finish my audiobook and I’ve been firing it up every drive to make sure I get it in.  Once the music was playing I could feel my tension drop immediately.  After dropping mail off at the post office I took a sec to check my phone to see what the ding I just heard was.

Turns out that the ding was my Facebook memory from last year…  How fitting is this?

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 8.59.40 PM

As I paused and thought about it I realized that I’ve been cramming so much in that I haven’t had time to just chill out and think.  Smiling, I kept the music on low, didn’t worry about any tasks, and just enjoyed the ride back to the office.  When heading back to La Crosse today I did the same, just chilling and thinking…  And it was just what I needed, just like it was on this same day last year.



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