Day 343 – Thankful for Insulating the Workshop with Dominic

There were many things that I’m thankful for today.  We had some boat time with good friends.  We got more done insulating than I expected.  Throw in a handful of other things and it was a pretty solid day.  There was one thing that really stuck out though, the joy I had while insulating the workshop with Dominic.


Gavin was cleaning his room and recovering from a sleepover and Becky took one for the team and went grocery shopping.  Dominic volunteered to help me out in the workshop and I was ecstatic that he did!  He saved a ton of time for me, being an extra set of hands.  With him grabbing materials and tools for me I was able to keep working.  There were a couple of projects he was able to do himself, no guidance from me needed, and he did an awesome job!  I’d have to imagine that it would’ve taken me at least one and a half times as long to get done what we did had I been on my own.

I’m also thankful that he helped as there were some new skills and concepts he was able to learn.  He was cutting, measuring, screwing, glueing, insulating, cleaning, and stapling.  Many of these he’s maybe seen or done a little of, but over the past couple of days he’s really gotten a lot of hands on practice.


What I’m most thankful for about his help though was an intangible that meant the world to me.  As we were working together it reminded me of the times when I helped my dad on project like this.  It was in moments like this with Dad that I learned the basics of carpentry (and retained more than I’d thought!) and started to get a passion for home improvement.  We would joke, laugh, learn, and work with each other.  He’d give me a hard time about things.  He’d encourage me when I’d done well.  He’d coach and support me when I made a mistake.  When he’d screw up I remember him laughing at himself while explaining why he’d screwed up.  We’d smile and enjoy the time together.  Sure, we’d get frustrated at each other sometimes, but the happiness is what really endures in my mind.

While Dominic and I were working together today I had so many memories come flooding back or working with my dad.  While Dominic and I created our own memories I’d smile to myself as my I’d hear my dad’s voice come out of my mouth.  When Dominic did something awesome I was so proud of him and then realized that was why my dad would sometimes smile hugely at me when I did something right.  Dominic laughed when I made a mistake and made fun of myself.  When he’d get frustrated with something I helped coach him through it, help him see how close he’d been and show him how to do next time.  We joked around, we smiled, and we had fun while working together to create something.  Yes, there were times when we both got frustrated with each other, but those memories are already fading fast.  What I’ll remember is how much we enjoyed each other’s company.

Today was another of those spots in which I find myself seeing the world as both a father and a son.  The memories I created with my son today reminded me of the memories my dad created with me and I’m so very grateful for them.  All this from Dominic wanting to help me insulate the workshop today…  How awesome is that?

Thanks for the help today dude, it was greatly appreciated!!!  I’m so glad that you enjoy doing things like this and that you like spending time with your old man doing it.  You made me so happy and proud today, something that you’ll probably understand one day when you’re working with your son in the workshop.  Grandpa Pete was there with us and smiling along with us today.  Love you Bud!!!



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