Today’s been filled with crazy ideas from Becky… and it’s been awesome!!!

Her first crazy idea was to get us signed up for a half marathon so today we had a long training run up Granddad’s Bluff and through the trails in Hixon Forest. I realized just how far from marathon shape I am, but it was great to spend time running with Becky on the trails again.

Knowing that we need to get the workshop insulated before winter Becky had the crazy idea of starting the project this weekend – and she volunteered to help! It’s been a lot of hot, sweaty, and dirty work, but it’s been pretty fun working on it with the cutest insulation contractor in La Crosse (& special thanks to Dominic for his help too!).

The last crazy idea Becky had was to go on the Ghosts of La Crosse walking tour. We had fun hearing the spooky stories of hauntings in downtown La Crosse while enjoying a stroll in the beautiful weather.

Her ideas were kinda crazy today, but I’m glad she had them!



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