Day 344 – Thankful for the Rest of the Story

While I may be a huge fan of Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story,” that’s not exactly what I am thankful for today.  It inspired me though, as it was a phrase an old friend used a handful of days ago as he told a story about my dad.  Over the past few days I’ve had the privilege of hearing several other stories of Dad, and each time I keep thinking back to that phrase, “The Rest of the Story.”


It’s kind of funny how those stories of Dad blend in with Paul Harvey’s.  As you read the Paul Harvey versions you get a chance to learn about how all of the little and easily missed details added up to the tale’s conclusion.  Once we see the conclusion we’re so easily able to go back and see how everything fit and why.  Without one or two key pieces the story would have been completely different.

Contrast that with my dad.  As I write about Dad I’m seeing more and more how few of those little details I knew of Dad.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew him very well, but there’s this bigger picture of him that I’m seeing.  Unlike the Paul Harvey version, I don’t get to know all of the details first, I just see the conclusion.  The more stories I hear of Dad the more the gaps fill in and I can see how Pete started here and ended there.  Each shared memory adds another level, a little more depth, more of the story of Pete.

It’s funny, since Dad died I’ve been realizing just how much more there was to him than just “Dad.”  Maybe it’s just me, but I always saw him through that lens.  Only after he passed and I heard more of these stories did I really start to see him as friend, sibling, church member, etc…  On a positive note, it’s helping me pause and take time to see my friends and family not just as being in that role, but in all of the roles that they have (the ones that they’ve shared, you know?).  Losing Dad is helping me take the time to pause, try to look at someone a little differently, from a different perspective, and try to understand “the rest of the story.”  So much for me to learn when I take the time to see others from a different perspective.

So today I’m thankful for “The Rest of the Story,” and all of the stories I’ve heard about Dad and other loved ones in the past week.  They’ve added a depth and perspective that only adds to my love of Dad, and all of my loved ones.  Special thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to share those stories with me, I treasure each of them!



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