We’ve had a very quiet house for the past several days.  It’s been peaceful, relaxing, and a chance for Becky and I to spend some time with just the two of us.  We both miss the boys, but we know that time apart is good for them and for us.

So where are the boys this week?  At Camp Grandpa of course!!!  The boys have been having an absolute blast hanging out with their grandparents and cousins over the past few days.  This is their time to escape the rules of Mom and Dad and enjoy the life of non-stop fun and excitement!

The pictures we see each night have us laughing and smiling.  It is so clear and evident that the boys are having so much fun and creating wonderful memories.  With losing my dad it seems even more important that they have these times with family.  I’m very excited to hear the stories of all the fun the boys have had when we pick them up tomorrow night!

Thank you Ken and Mary for creating some awesome memories that will stick with the boys forever.  I can tell you from my own experience that memories like that are priceless.  Seeing the pictures and smiles reminds me of so many incredible moments I had with my grandparents each summer.  Kind of funny, you’re bringing happiness to multiple generations!  Thanks for being awesome!!!



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