Day 316 – Thankful a Joyful Day Capped with Yoga

Days like today leave me struggling for words, yet smiling as I reach for them.  When I first wake up I start watching for what I am thankful for that day.  On a day like this it leads to sensory overload in a very positive way!

My day started with waking up feeling well rested.  Great tunes while showering and getting ready for work.  A peaceful morning drive with an amazing audiobook.  Getting to the office very early and enjoying the stillness as I work my craft and sip some caffeination.  Things that go better than expected.  A feeling of being in the right role.  Struggles that arise out of nowhere, but are conquerable.  Working with my teams to fix the issue.  Team members rising up to meet the challenge.  New found appreciation for new team members for growing themselves.  Remembered appreciation for team members who’ve done so much that I just always expect awesomeness…  and they almost always deliver!  Sticking to our values in a tough situation.  Remembering to breath and see the obstacle as an instrument of growth.  Planning ahead and seeing the plan pay off.  Taking a few minutes of personal time to make progress on a project that’s close to my heart.  Seeing a team member not only start to see but start to touch the dream.  A quiet and peaceful ride home with an amazing audiobook.  Walking through the door to be greeted by the best wife in the whole world.  Chilling while eating frozen pizza.  Playfully joking with Becky on our ride to yoga…


And then there was yoga itself. Wow!  It felt INCREDIBLE!!!  It’s been about two months since I had last gone, it felt incredible to get back into the swing of it.  Between Nick and Josh it was a tough but do-able workout that gave me moments to really push myself.  The rest and cool down at the end was mind blowing, and I’ll swear, for reasons that I will keep personal this time, that it was by far and away the best Final Rest / moment of meditation that I’ve ever had.

As I look at today in total, it was a very joyful day.  Not that everything went perfect, far from it, but everything came at a pace in which I was able to breathe and choose my attitude accordingly.  It was AWESOME!!!

Special thanks to everyone who touched my day in one way, shape, or form today, I appreciate each of you!



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