Day 304 – Thankful for Helping the Boys Earn the First “Man Scouts” Merit Badges

At Scout Camp this week one of the counsellors, another dad, and I all put our heads together and were working on putting together the framework for a new version of Scouting for adults…  Man Scouts!  In this new endeavor instead of working towards our Eagle we work towards our Geezer badge.  To get there we have to earn many merit badges including Comic Book Collecting, Chainsaw Juggling, Blindfolded Lion Taming, Scotch, and many other wonderful things that us old dudes like to do.  Tonight Steve and I helped the boys start to earn their own merit badges before adulthood…  Poker and Survival Kits.

Poker consisted of watching the World Series of Poker Final Table and walking them through the percentages, strategies, and so on.

Still not sure why Dominic wasn’t smiling, I’m guessing it was because we interrupted his poker watching. 🙂

Survival Kits was taught by Steve as he walked the boys through their new survival kits designed specifically by Steve for the boys!


Knowing that they’re already earning their way to their first Man Scouts Merit Badges makes me smile.  Who cares if the badges are real or not, it was a great time helping them learn some new skills.  For that I’m thankful!


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