Day 305 – Thankful for Taking a Wrong Turn

Sometimes the coolest experiences in life come as the result of a mistake.  That was the case for us today.  On our way to our hike we ended up missing our turn and didn’t realize it until almost an hour later.

Once we realized what had happened we had two choices.  Go back from where we came, or take the road less travelled.  Never ones to conform we took the latter and never stressed for a second.

After a short time going on a normal highway we took our new route, the one that involved gravel, almost no traffic, a lack of shoulders, steep drops, and awesome views.


It may not have been the way we initially planned, but it turned out pretty sweet!  By the time it was all said and done we made it to our destination and enjoyed an incredible end of our hike.


Sometimes we don’t end up going the way we’ve planned.  Sometimes we make a mistake and go the wrong way.  The cool thing is that once we realize it we can correct and get back to where we meant to go.  Even cooler is the fact that if we stay open minded we might end up taking an even more fantastic route than what we’d imagined.  I’m very thankful for that today!


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