Day 271 – Thankful for Gavin Learning a Lesson

Last night Gavin decided to try something and then showed one of our young neighbors how much fun it was.  Gavin took a rock, climbed up on a swing set, and then proceeded to pound on a thin aluminum post cap for the other neighbor’s fence.  By the time he was done with it the cap was pretty much toast.

As you can expect, we were pretty ticked when we found out what he had done.  He apologized to one set of neighbors and then went over to the other neighbor’s house, without being asked, to apologize.  When he came home from the neighbor’s we asked what they said.  Gavin shared, “He said that he would be mad, but I was man enough to own up to what I had done and apologized in person so he wasn’t mad.”

When Gavin went to bed last night we talked about it some more, and he had tears running down his face until he fell asleep.  After taking time to think about what he had done he realized he made a huge mistake and felt bad for damaging something that wasn’t his.

This morning he and I got up early, headed out to Menards, picked up a couple of new post covers, talked with our neighbor, and had the new ones installed before 8am.

While I’m still frustrated that he did it in the first place, I was glad that he learned several valuable lessons from this.  First, think before acting and don’t do anything to damage other people’s things.  Second, when you make a mistake, own up to it right away and apologize in person.  Last, after the mistake has been made, take action ASAP to fix it.  I’m thankful for him learning these lessons on something like this that can be easily fixed.



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