Day 270 – Thankful for Writing Thank You Cards

I know, this one seems a little odd, doesn’t it?  Trust me, I didn’t think I’d write this one either. 🙂


Over the past couple of nights Becky and I have been writing thank you cards to everyone for flowers, gifts in memory of Dad, and for their presence over the past few weeks.  I hate to admit it, but when we first put the list together I kept thinking about how long it was going to take to write them.  The list seemed daunting, mainly because I was looking at it as a list of tasks that had to be checked off.

Then something funny happened as I started writing the first one.  As I thought about the person it was going to be mailed to I smiled and thought about how much I appreciated that person.  I paused to think about what I should write and considered their gift, be it time, cards, flowers, whatever.  As I thought about their gift I smiled again.  Then I started to write inside their card.  While my pen was leaving its mark I started smiling again, thinking about how they would smile when they read it.  Once I was done writing it I paused again and thought about just how thankful I was for them and their gift, and smiled again thinking of their upcoming smile.

From the first thank you card on I realized that this wasn’t just a task or obligation to complete.  Writing these cards was both a part of the healing process for me (a reminder of what had happened) and a wonderful memory of a friend or family member doing something out of the goodness of their heart to bring my family and I joy in a difficult time.  As I penned each thank you I was reminded of their love and was thankful for them.

By the time I reached the end my smile was just as big as it had been when I wrote the first.  I thoroughly enjoyed writing them and was thankful for the joy and happiness that being thankful can bring.  Kind of silly that the “Thankful Blogger Guy” had to be reminded of that, isn’t it?  Regardless, I’m very thankful for writing thank you cards (thanks for the encouragement Becky!!!).


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