Day 215 – Thankful for the Conspiring of My Boys

This is my current view…

Due to rain in Madison Dominic’s soccer games were cancelled.  This meant an unexpected no travel day.  Then something else happened that helped the view above.  If you look closely you’ll see that there are no kids.

When I picked up Gavin from school he mentioned that some of his buddies wanted to get together for a sleepover on Saturday night.  No one had gotten anything set up so I figured that the conspiring that the four of them had done was not going to amount to anything.  Shortly after Gavin brought it up again at Festival today Becky got a text from his friend’s mom!  They were on and we were short a Gavin for the night.

Dominic called one of his buddies and then set up a sleepover for him and a handful of his friends.  Next thing we knew he was loading into his friend’s mom’s car and we were short a Dominic for the night.

Now it’s just Becky and I (and the animals) and we’re enjoying a very unexpected and relaxing night at home due, in part, to the conspiring of our boys!


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