Day 214 – Thankful for Starting the Day with Stillness

When Becky and I knocked out our morning run we had a pretty interesting surprise…  as we started down the road an SUV driving by stopped, the window rolled down, and the driver asked us, ” do you know what that light in the sky is?  I’ve been watching it for fifteen minutes and it hasn’t moved.”  Looking up we saw what he was talking about just above the horizon.  It was stationary and it was much too bright to be star.  “I’m thinking it’s a planet,” was my response and then he drove off.

Our curiosity got the better of us and while Skywalker made a “pit stop” I loaded up the Star Walk app.  It was Neptune – lit up brightly by the upcoming sunrise.  As we ran by the beach we stopped to pause and enjoy the view and the bright planet I don’t think we really ever pay attention to seeing.

It was so peaceful, the water was so still.  The cool crisp air wasn’t moving, the dogs were slowly walking and smelling, the duck quietly swimming, and, if you look closely, there’s an eagle soaring.  We only paused asoaked it in for a fleeting moment, but that was exactly what I needed for the day.

As the day went on my world got crazy.  Busyness and chaos ruled, some great, some stressful, it was a day of constant motion.  While it was easy to be swept up in non-stop action there were a few times in the day when I paused, took a deep breath, and looked at the picture above.  As I closed my eyes I could feel the stillness in my bones…  and for that I am thankful.


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