Day 216 – Thankful for Seeing Gavin Feel the Same Way I Do

So Gavin’s sleepover last night was a huge success.  When I picked him up at noon today he was still wearing his pajamas and was carrying his stuff all wadded up in pile in his arms…  socks falling out every few steps.  He went on and on about how much fun they had as we drove back to our house.

Shortly after getting home it was a quick lunch and then off to another soccer game.  The whole time he’s telling me about how he’s not tired at all, he’s ready to go and wants to stay up late tonight.

You can probably imagine the smile on both of our faces when Becky and I got home from yoga and saw this…

IMG_8314 2

Fortunately for Gavin, Dominic took pity on Gavin when he found him asleep on the basement floor right where he crashed.  Dominic got him a blanket and a pillow and helped Sleeping Beauty get comfortable.

The kid is usually a non-stop bundle of energy, it’s nice to see him finally hit the wall the same way I do occasionally…  he is a mortal!  Whew!!!



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