Becky’s friend Kris is in town for the weekend so I’ve been keeping the boys busy and out of the way so they can enjoy some great girl time together.  Dominic was pretty easy, his buddy Sam came over last night and spent the day so he was pretty well covered.  That left Gavin and I to spend a pretty awesome day together.

Starting with a trip to McD’s for breakfast we were then off to Menards, Hobby Lobby, and the post office.  Joking and having fun the entire way we had a great time.  On the way home we saw a flock of bald eagles soaring so we made a little side trip to see them up close.  At one point we saw one pretty close and at least two dozen soaring together.

Once we got home Sam and Dominic jumped in to help us start painting their treehouse.  Let’s just say that the wind made the spray painting a little crazy…


I pretty much underestimated how much spray paint we would need so Gavin and I made our way to Menards for the second time.  Total count of spray cans bought today after this run – 14.

After painting some more we had to take Sam home.  Shortly after taking him home we ran short of paint again.  Gavin and I made our third and final Menards run for the day… Spray paint can count – 22.  Once home all three of us started painting and got the navy blue on top completed and the first coat on the bottom on.  Tomorrow we’ll get the 2nd and 3rd coats on the bottom and finish a few odds and ends (window trim and a few more bolts to tie everything together).


From there the boys headed to the playground and I got this heart warming picture of them in the distance playing at the park…


As soon as I took the picture and smiled there was a sound…  Next thing I knew they were on the ground wrestling and fighting about something.  Thankfully that didn’t last long and then this was the scene…


We moved on to carving, the thing Gavin was looking forward to the most with Becky being away 😉  I’m happy to report that there were no injuries.  Some of the things we tried carving didn’t work out so well, but there were many learning lessons for the boys.

Don’t confuse the expressions for unhappiness, they were pretty stoked but totally focused on safety first.

We finally went in for the night when the light faded too much for us to carve safely.  That meant supper was at about 7:45-ish, and with Becky not home, it was in the living room while watching a movie.

Ten minutes ago we rented The Maze Runner on iTunes and are chilling on the couch…  Bed time (eventually) and then back at it tomorrow morning.

Still coated in paint and exhausted, I’m smiling and loving every minute of this time with my boys.



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