Day 185 – Thankful for Seeing Steady and Consistent Progress

As a self-admitted shiny syndrome apologist it can be very tough for me to take my time and let things work the way they should.  When waiting for something incredible to happen I have to use every ounce of grit I can muster to stay the course.  In past years it has come back to bite me when I’ve moved on to the next strategy too quickly when the progress wasn’t immediately seen.  The past several months have been very different.

With the help of my team, the Express Leadership Academy, my accountability buddies (past and present), my mentors, my business partners, and a cast of many others I’ve been able to stay the course.  Today was one of those days when I stopped and paused to see just how great of a thing we are building, and how much progress we’ve made.

In reviewing the final activity measures for the quarter (our Lead Measures) we were successful.  Over the past few weeks there was a very big push from my teams to wrap up the last bits of the goal that hadn’t been accomplished.  While we may not have quite hit our Wildly Important Goals (Lag Measures) we saw the dial moving in the right direction every single week for a sustained period of time.  Earlier today we made the very difficult decision to fire a client business, something that is done only after we’ve pursued every other option.  While frustrating that it got to that point, it was incredible to see how easy of a decision it was to make when we reviewed our values and saw how they fell outside of them.  For the first time in my career we took the first steps in firing a second client on the same day when we discovered another situation that was outside of our values.  No hesitation, it was very clear cut.  My managers and I rolled out a new training and development plan today.  It took many hours to determine and will take many more to implement, but it will be well worth it in the end.

As I stop and consider everything that unfolded today I have to pause and give thanks for being able to see steady and consistent progress.  Each of these things have taken a lot of time to get to.  We started clarifying and focusing on our values well over a year ago.  We’ve been working on these goals for over a year.  While it’s been tempting to make many changes to our goals – almost on a weekly basis – we’ve stayed the course with them.  All of the successes I was able to see today were the result of clear and consistent focus on them.  My short attention span often wants to jump to the next improvement, the next iteration, the next shiny thing, but in each of these cases my huge support team mentioned above have helped me keep that in check and stay focused to mission at hand.  It’s incredible to see just how well it’s working.  I am so thankful for everyone who has played a role in helping me stay on course.  Being able to see the steady and consistent progress today was truly overwhelming and I am so proud of what my team has accomplished, day after day after day.



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