Day 187 – Thankful for My Cousin Chris’ Woodworking Advice

Isn’t it cool when I get a little stuck on something and then the lightbulb goes off and I realize that I know someone who might have an answer?  This past week that lightbulb has twice been my cousin Chris!

As I’ve been working on my puzzle boxes I’ve started to check out doing one in something other than pine or cedar.  In hopping online I’ve found that it may be a little difficult to find the dimensions I’m looking for in a great looking wood.  Then I got to thinking…  My cousin Chris makes some pretty awesome things out of some pretty gnarly looking wood (see photo):

A pretty incredible bowl made by my cousin Chris out of an oak burl.

A quick note on Facebook Messenger and he was pointing me in the direction of a couple of places.  He even offered some up to me which was pretty awesome and appreciated!

A few days later my brain got to thinking and I remembered another beautiful project that he made and it gave me another lightbulb!  What if I used the idea of the block of wood he used for his bowl as the block for one of my puzzle boxes?

Seeing as he had done something similar before I reached out to him again for advice (pretty sure there should be a consulting invoice coming in the mail for me soon!).  Yo cousin Chris!  Any chance you could help with some advice on this:


Sure enough, he had some great advice that I’m pretty sure saved me a lot of heartache!  Had I gone the route I would have without his help I would have been pretty disappointed when everything started to shift out of shape on me.

While I’m especially thankful for all of the helpful advice and woodworking coaching there’s more to the story.  Mixed into his response was an absolutely golden nugget of advice that I’ll be saving amongst my all time favorite quotes… “Try try try. That’s all you can do. If it works you’re a master, if it doesn’t you just learned how to be a master.”  How perfect of an example of growth mindset is that?  Throw in an incredibly well timed dad carpentry joke using the pun of “wood” in place of “would,” and it has been great reconnecting with him over the past few days.

Chris, thanks again for the help, coaching, advice, and wonderful quote!  I appreciate it greatly!!!




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