Day 159 – Thankful for Using Gratitude to Put a Smile on Gavin’s Face

Tonight’s been a tough one for Gavin.  He’s one of the most competitive people I know and he went from being beat by me at Catan (that’s right, I don’t hold back any punches because he’s younger – and he usually still wins) and then lost to Dominic at a game they were playing before bed.  Needless to say, Gavin was in a pretty rough mood and I couldn’t quite get him to chill and be happy.

After brushing his teeth he got into bed and was ready to be tucked in for the night.  That’s when a lightbulb went off in my brain.  “Hey Gavin, what are you thankful for today?”  He immediately pulled out the gratitude journal he’s been keeping most nights before bed (I think he’s on Day 27).  Realizing that he hadn’t written anything for Friday and Saturday either we started talking about all of the fun things we did this weekend.  As he was smiling and writing I explained to him that this is one of the reasons I blog every single day.  It makes me happy!  Regardless of the mood I was in before I started writing the end is always the same, I’m extremely happy.

Tonight I’m thankful for having the opportunity to show him how he can use gratitude to put a smile on his face.



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