Day 160 – Thankful for Becky, 2017 Wife of the Year!

So I’m pretty sure that everyone knows that I totally out-punted my coverage and ended up married to a wife way better than I deserve…

Today she once again showed why she is deserving of the 2017 Wife of the Year Award!  It marks the 15th straight year she has won this award, pretty sure that’s got to be a record.



While helping me figure out the appropriate gift for a friend she came up with a BRILLIANT idea that sparked a pretty awesome gift.  No more details on that, it’s still a surprise…

Next, when I explained that I was going to have to miss one of my best friends’ 40th birthday party due to a trip we had planned (our 15th anniversary long weekend) she immediately suggested moving the date of our trip if we could!  How awesome is that?  As luck would have it we were able to move our reservations and change the weekend that my dad was watching the boys (thanks Dad!).  Now I’m able to do both, I very thankful for her throwing the idea out there.  I am pretty sure I owe her BIG time!!!

While there’s always about 30+ things per day I could blog about being thankful for Becky about (like motivating me to run everyday, being Mrs. Uber, introducing me to great things like yoga and log rolling, doing so many things to keep our family living, being the best travel buddy ever, and always putting me in a good mood when I come home from work by giving me a hug and a kiss), today those two things really took the cake so I’ve decided to give her the 2017 Wife of the Year about 9 months early.  I’m incredibly fortunate and grateful to have her in my life.



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