Day 158 – Thankful for Remembering That There’s Always a Choice

Ever have one of those moments when you get frustrated about something?  Maybe something didn’t go as planned, maybe something was re-scheduled, or maybe someone didn’t act in an appropriate manner?  How do you respond in those moments?  I find that many times I just stay frustrated and go along with it, I don’t always vocalize my feelings or do something to improve the situation.  Over the past months I’ve realized this about myself and continue to work on changing my natural response.

There was a situation I recently had thrown my way that easily could have been one of those frustrating moments.  It would have been very easy for me to get frustrated and just go with it, but instead I remembered that there’s always a choice to be made…  And I made my choice.  Refusing to be frustrated I decided to take my own course of action and to be part of the solution.  Not only was I not frustrated, but it felt AWESOME to be proactive.  Throw in the fact that it helped to instigate more positives involving more people and I was pretty pumped.  The results were better than I ever would have expected.

Today I was able to have one of those moments that positively reinforce a change I’ve been working on in my attitude.  I’m very thankful I remembered that I had a choice to make, be silent or take action, and I chose the correct response.



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