Day 146 – Thankful for Stepping Back From the “Stuff,” and Taking Time to Think

So many days are spent constantly chasing life.  Whether it’s work, kids, or many of the other daily responsibilities that we have in our life there can be so much “stuff” that it becomes easy to lose track of other important things.  This “stuff” is incredibly important, it’s the “stuff” that keeps income coming in, the “stuff” that’s important to our kids and family, and, many times, the “stuff” that we enjoy doing.  If I’m not careful it’s way to easy for me to drift into being busy with a lot of “stuff.”


Days like today are pretty awesome, rare, and greatly appreciated.  Due to a few different reasons I’ve been able to avoid pretty much all of the “stuff” that I live in a normal day.  Today I’ve been able to spend a lot of time in thought.  Thinking about the possibility of a dream I’ve had brewing in the back of my head for a while – is it worth it to chase it now?  Thinking about future projects and trainings that I’d like to build and give.  Thinking about my teams and how I can be a better leader for them.  Thinking about how much I appreciate my family and why.  So much time, so much to think about, and mainly because I was able to shut out the other “stuff” for a day.

Today I’m reminded that I need to put a couple of days like this in my calendar, days to shut off and unplug and just take time to think.


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