Day 145 – Thankful for Enjoying a Nice Summer Sunday in February

So maybe it’s not quite a summer day, but it has still felt like one.  The sun’s out, the weather is balmy (compared to normal February weather), and we did the things we typically do on a non-busy summer day.

Getting a lot of the tasks done earlier this morning we grilled burgers for lunch.   While many the grill I was enjoying the sun, wearing shorts and a tshirt.

After lunch we headed out with the whole family, dogs and all, for a hike on the bike trail.  Sure, there were some ice covered patchs and stretches of puddles and mud, but it was so perfect out regardless.  The sun popped out and wind slowed.  The temp went up and I eventually shucked the sweatshirt I was wearing.

After our four miles of relaxing trail time Becky had the idea that really made it feel like summer.  We stopped at The Sweet Shop and got ice cream cones!

While it might have exactly felt like a summer day it was pretty close, and it was exactly what I needed today.


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